Have you ever violated your trading rules? Or, have you ever broken a trading promise to yourself? I would venture that you have been at that fork-in-the-road of your trading more than a few times, where you had to choose between a rule violation – that is, going to the left, or going right and keeping your highest and best trader handling your account. What is it that worms its way into your system, takes you hostage and causes you to do things that are in direct contradiction to what you
It is safe to say that trading psychology is among the most vital or even the most important component of trading to be learned in order to develop into a outstanding currency trader. Yet, despite its vital importance one of the most neglected areas of trading by new and inexperienced traders is that of trading psychology. It doesn’t matter which financial market you trade, whether it’s stocks, shares, forex or options and contracts of difference, if you are unable to master your thoughts it will lead to an inability to reach you true trading potential.

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